ArcheAge Mount Thunder Dash VS Black Arrow

Thunder Dash Thunder Dash is the fastest archeage mount in the game, it evolved from a Stormdarter Stormdarter has a base speed of 11.4 m/s without equip, legendary for its speed, so how to get the fastest mount Thunder Dash?

First, you should has 20000 Honor Points in the games, then go to honor merchant to buy Stormdater with 20K honor points. Stormdarter is a PVP honor mount in ArcheAge.

Put your mount equipment and with the acceleration stone when you are LV50, can make the Stormdarter move speed up to 20.7 + m/s. OK, after you have a honor mount, then go to Honor Point Collector of Gweonid Forest zone in western continent Nuia and receive the “Past the Storm, Now the Thunder” quest to upgrade your Stormdarter.


Purchase a Shining Lightning Essence Shining Lightning Essence material to evolve swift tempest with 30K Honor Points from an Honor Point Collector, and then summon your Stormdarter without any equipment in front of the Honor Point Collector. Last, chat with collector to make Stormdarter become a Thunder Dash, with new abilities and a new appearance, even stronger than before.

So, in simple terms, you get the Stormdarter for 20K, then upgrade this one with another 30K for a total of 50K Honor Points.

Thunder Dash VS Black Arrow

The Thunder Dash is faster than the Black Arrow which obtained by leveling a Bloodstock from Mirage island to level 50, and buying a 500 ArcheAge Gold item to upgrade it into the “Black Arrow”. Base speed for base speed, Thunder Dash is faster. All skills used, Thunder Dash is still faster, and it also gets a much longer speed boost than the Black Arrow does.

Thunder Dash 1

Black Arrow Mount

If you want to say the lance skill of Black Arrow can faster than Thunder Dash, personal do not think so, because you can not use the lance skill and Breakthrough at the same time.The lance skill also need you have a target which it pulls you to, so its usage for speed is less than situational. It also consumes special lances which you need to use Gilda Star to make.

Black Arrow has a skill which provides temporary immunity to stuns, knockdowns, and ranged attacks, but it’s broken and hardly ever works right, so that is useless. So the Thunder Dash is better in every way except for animal type. Below is the Thunder Dash mount.

ArcheAge Thunder Dash

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