Four Playable Classes Of Mu Legend And More Details

Mu Legend is the much-hyped new MMORPG, and it has powerful hack-and-slash combat, stunning graphics as well as various PVP contents. Amongst four playable classes, Dark Load, the commander of the Dark, has a good stamina and defensive stat, Dark Lord is a class revamped original class of Mu Online. Let’s take a look at Mu Online playable four classes more details, you can also click here to get more.


The War Mage
Exiled from society, War Mages are confident and believe themselves to be superior to regular mages. They were removed from society after their magical abilities became too powerful and were considered dangerous. After being outcast, they fought as mercenaries as they attempted to control their extraordinary power. Mu Legend Zen for sale at U4GM, and all gamers are eager to buy it.

The Blader
Born from an experiment to find a way to protect their creators, Bladers are brutal warriors nourished by rage and their will to fight as the representatives of the lower class. The rebellion of the commoners was crushed during the Great War, leaving no other solution but to create a perfect warrior in order to fight the oppressors.

The Darkload
Once valiant knights who were both feared and respected on the battlefield, in a moment of desperation, they sacrificed their human side to a dark force in exchange for great power. Their sacrifice altered their appearance on the outside, and their humanity on the inside. Now, they are capable of only cold reasoning.

The Whisperer
Harnessing the energy of nature, with an expertise in stealth, the settlers of the Whispering Forest have acquired a particular set of special skills that make them infamous on the battlefield. Capable enough working alone, they are adept at handling scouting missions as they quietly blend into nature as well as silently assassinate targets. Mu Legend Power Leveling can be offered to gamers around the world, however, U4GM is definitely trustworthy supplier.

FFXIV The First Expansion And Stormblood Expansion Features

Look back on the the first expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, six flying mounts were developed, it’s said to that flying mounts mounts will play an important role in the story. Finally, gamers will have chance to get their own airship,in some land anywhere, they will be able to take off, fly or land anywhere in the new Heavensward zones, nonetheless, excluding in older areas.


The second expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is called stormblood expansion, it also adds new areas, gamers are looking forward to the game bringing full standalone game’s worth of content. As their anticipated, the game added fourth residential area, what’s more, including new Primals, high-end raids, dungeons and much more. The Stormblood is scheduled to launch in early this year, and more update, you need to stare at:

Stormbllod, as Final Fantasy XIV epic expansion pack, and it will brings more new features:
New dungeons
New areas to explore
A new primal – Lakshmi
New jobs, including red mage
The Forbidden Land of Eureka
New gear and crafting recipes
Level cap increased from 60 to 70
New alliance raid “Return to Ivalice”
New exploration with swimming and diving
New High-level Raid “The Bend of Time – Omega”
A fourth residential district Expanded item inventory and changes to the battle system

Since its 2013 relaunch as A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best massively multiplayer role-playing games going. It’s no wonder that more and more gamers are anxiously join the game, at the same time, professional website is selling cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.