Coming Days of FUT Winter Upgrades

With the TOTY release now out of the way, FIFA 15 players can now switch their attention to the impending release of the FUT winter upgrades.

Many players see this is as a great trading opportunity and are keen to make investments and maximise profit from the upgraded players. Through this slideshow we will list the date that the first batch of FUT winter upgrades are set to be released, as well as how the upgrades work and the trading implications.

FIFA 15 Coins

We now know the slated date for the first batch of FUT winter upgrades, which is Friday 13th February, with players most likely entering packs at 6pm GMT. This means that you still have a couple of weeks to assess to market and comb through our suggestions and invest your coins.

Last year EA released their winter upgrades in two batches, one in mid-February and then the other at the start of March, so don’t be too worried if your chosen player to trade doesn’t come out straight away. Patience is often the name of the game and tracking player prices will bring you the best results.

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Best Things In FIFA 15 Are Free Transfers

The best thing in life is free, do you think so?

Since a manager is as only as good as his signings, if he has no transfer budget to make any, it’s unlikely he’s going to be particularly successful with the just the previous manager’s favorites at his disposal. Particularly if those same players got the predecessor sacked.


But even with no money, when taking over a new club, a manager needs to put his own stamp on things, and there is good news for FIFA managers looking to do just that without the luxury of playing with a moneybags side where embarrassingly expensive signings are an inevitability.

The sacred Bosman ruling has changed the game of football for the sneakier, allowing players to talk to other clubs and engineer transfers without a fee six months before the deal at their current club expires. So with that in mind, it’s worthwhile looking through the list of players who are in the last year of their deals at the start of career mode. All are talented, and all should be considered genuinely good contenders to offer pre-contracts to in the January 2015 transfer window. And bear in mind, don’t go blowing all of your wage budget when you could have any of these lads a few months down the line.

So if you’re taking over a cash-strapped club or merely love a bargain these are the 20 best players you can pick up for absolutely nothing from the first January in your new game.

FIFA 15 Video Guide: Formation-4-1-2-1-2

The development team at EA Sports is not content with launching two full teams for fans of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 this week and is delivering a new video linked to the game, which is designed to offer more information about the impact that formation choice will have on the way each player approaches the football sim. Here are video guide about Ultimate Team Formation.
FIFA 15 coins PS4The footage is packed with a look at some of the most solid ways in which a team can be organized and shows which advantages and weaknesses gamers need to be aware of and how various player roles need to be tweaked.

The studio reveals that 4-1-2-1-2 is the formation that FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players use the most and apparently it offers solid results because gamers can use the midfield to quickly play through balls or develop action on the flanks while taking advantage of the number of attackers to overwhelm an opposing team.

Of course, gamers are free to evaluate more than one formation before choosing which is best suited to their playstyle and the company encourages all those playing to share their best setup with the rest of the community.

FIFA 15 coins PS4 recently revealed the Team of the Year for Ultimate Team, which features some of the biggest stars of modern football and is available for gamers. Check the video below to see more detail information.

How to Get Coins During FUT 15 TOTY

What would happened after FUT 15 TOTY released? Well, as usual which definitely lead to an unavoidable market crash when hundreds of thousands of FUTers open their Gold or Happy Hour packs contained defenders, midfielders and attackers last year in the hope of getting a TOTY in-form! Maybe, some smarter FUTers have already sold their expensive players or consumables before the many FUTmas pack offers went live and the anticipation of a market crash kicked in.

FIFA 15 coins

Method 1: Making Coins with Players
1. Be first to predict who will be featured in the TOTY, meaning that gamers can buy some normal versions of the anticipated TOTY.
2. Then try to buy back some players that were sold few days ago. Gamers can see their FIFA 15 coins PS3 increase from when they originally had the team a few weeks back.
3. Last but not least, stock up on cheap Gold players and hold on to them since some Gold player will be going to steep fall in prices, even less than half of their original values, when the crash is in its full swing.

Method 2: Making Coins with Consumables
1. While making FIFA 15 coins PS4 with consumables, stock up on many consumables of low prices.
2. Find what appeals to you the most. Cheap consumables, especially squad fitness, Chemistry Styles Positional change cards, will flood the transfer market during the crash and then gamers can make numerous FIFA coins if investing the right types as soon as the TOTY in-forms out of available in packs.
3. Move quickly. With everything listed in the Transfer Market, gamers can sell cards right on 1 hour listing cycles with their Start or Buy Now prices very close together.