NBA 2K18: NBA Teams Will Begin Drafting ESports Players In Mid-March 2018

Recently, NBA 2K developer Take-Two Interactive has team up with NBA, in order to merge sports and e-sports together with their own eLeague. According to perception, the NBA Esports League begins in May 2018, this news already was confirmed by NBA 2K League Managing Director, Brendan Donohue.

NBA 2K18

NBA teams will begin drafting eSports players in mid-March 2018, tryouts will be held a month before. In the 17 teams, each team will have five players, they will become official representatives of their organizations by April. What this means is that you get an official contract and sponsorship deals just like an actual NBA players.

In other those leagues, a company or person would own and sponsor the team that is separate from anything regarding the actual sport or game, but these future 2K18 players will enjoy all of the benefits of being a part of the NBA. What you need to know about the NBA 2K18 MT and new updates and details, stay tuned U4NBA.

At U4NBA, we already revealed the full list of the 17 teams that will be participating in the first season of the NBA 2K18 Esports League, visit the official website here. Many details have yet to be decided upon regarding how tryouts will work and which of the four NBA 2K18 platforms will be the official version for the league.

NBA 2K18 Various Bugs: Xbox One Players’ MyCareer Save Data To Be Lost

NBA 2K18 need a patch to fix glitch in MyCareer mode, a serious bug in NBA 2K18 have already been found by 2K. A patch had been approved and would be out by the end of the day. According to 2K, a patch is going out in a matter of hours to fix issues. As a matter of fact, a number of players have encountered various bugs, the most serious of which causes Xbox One players’ MyCareer save data to be lost.

NBA 2K18

Many of players had complained of opening MyCareer and finding everything gone and the character effectively reset — including the virtual clothing, signature animations and player badges earned since NBA 2K18 launched for pre-order customers on Friday. There are a series of updates explaining what happened, warning Xbox One players to stay off MyCareer until the patch rolled out.

The patch in question is slated to be released at some point today. It had been approved for release on PS4 and Xbox One, so it should be available shortly. A patch is on the way, but 2K has recommended players on Xbox One to avoid the mode altogether until it’s available. Full patch notes have not yet been released, we will continue to update more new details, see more at here.

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NBA 2K18 Overhauled A Majority Of The Game’s Features And Modes

Speaking of NBA 2K18 single-player focused MyCareer mode, arguably, this mode received an overhaul. In addition of this, this year’s NBA 2K18 surprisingly bucks the trend of annual sports titles by overhauling a majority of the game’s features and game modes. Overall, the plot and progression in this year’s story mode are now different.

NBA 2K18

The developer aim to create a more seamless experience. NBA 2K18 The Prelude Demo has already revealed. There’s no need to perform well in the early basketball matches to land on a good NBA team, considering you can choose which one to join. For this Prelude Demo, it gave players around the world a chance to try their game a week early with the release of The Prelude today, September 8th.

Even if the full game doesn’t come out until September 19th, but players can download this trial and get their MyCareer started. Eager to get a taste of NBA 2K18 before the full game drops? Now you can, with The Prelude demo available on PS4 and Xbox One. Eager to get more cheap NBA 2K18 MT? Now you can act it.

Progress will carry over from the demo when the full game releases on September 15, also on additional platforms including PC, Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3. The NBA 2K franchise is so strong, in August, 2K Games had released a cover with Irving in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform. You can go to website to view cover image and some videos, guides and screenshots from the official trailer.

The Full List Of Classic Teams To Be Included In NBA 2K18

The full list of classic teams to be included in the new NBA 2K18 to be released on September 19, announced by 2K Sports.

Classic Teams

Following the interest shown by gamers for these additions in recent weeks, the company has decided to finally join the 17th team, which will be the 2006-07 Golden State Warriors.

These are the 17 new classics of the NBA 2K18:

  • ’96 -’97 Miami Heat
  • ’98 -’99 New York Knicks
  • ’01 -’02 New Jersey Nets
  • ’01 -’02 Sacramento Kings
  • ’03 -’04 Los Angeles Lakers
  • ’04 -’05 San Antonio Spurs
  • ’05 -’06 Memphis Grizzlies
  • ’06 -’07 Golden State Warriors
  • ’07 -’08 Denver Nuggets
  • ’07 -’08 New Orleans Hornets
  • ’10 -’11 Dallas Mavericks
  • ’10 -’11 Chicago Bulls
  • ’11 -’12 Oklahoma City Thunder
  • ’11 -’12 New York Knicks
  • ’12 -’13 Memphis Grizzlies
  • ’13 -’14 Indiana Pacers
  • ’15 -’16 Golden State Warriors

2K Sports And Visual Concepts Have Been Working For NBA 2K18 MyTEAM

2K Sports and Visual Concepts have been working on the new features in MyTEAM mode (comparable to Ultimate Team at EA Sports) at NBA 2K18. In this version of the game, which revolves around basketball players’ cards and creating your own dream team, there are two new game modes with “Pack and Playoffs” and “Super Max”.

In “Pack and Playoffs” you have to assemble a team with the cards you have just received from new system proficiency tech while “Super Max” has a salary system that gives an upper limit in the team’s composition , So you have to make a selection for the players. Coaching should be more important this time. You can find more details in Devblog at Facebook.

The basketball game developed by Visual Concepts will be released on September 15, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. On September 8, 2017, 2K Games will release a demo for PS4 and Xbox One, even if the publisher avoids the word “demo” and instead speaks of a “free download experience”.

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NBA 2K18: The 2K Team Captures Different Facial Expressions

On September 19, NBA 2K18 will be launched on some platforms such as Xbox One, PS3, Nintendo Switch, PS4 as well as PC. Nevertheless, if you pre-order the game in advance, you will be able to get to play it four days early, starting on September 15. In the addition this, you’ll receive the following content:

NBA 2K18

Kyrie Outfit Pack
10 Weekly MyTeam Packs
5,000 Virtual Currency (You Can Also Buy NBA 2K18 MT From Professional Website)

Due to the new cameras was updated, the 2K team captures different facial expressions. In essence, the dunk face is extremely popular. The team also revealed other face expressions like scrunch face, they mainly maximize the compression to get every wrinkle on a player’s face. On the whole, the team has redone the body system, rebuilt faces from scratch and added small details like scars and faded tattoos.

In addition, 2K also did a separate scan to capture jerseys’ true colors. “It was important for us to separate the color of a jersey into diffused color and reflected color, ” Dawson says. He added: “We used a technique called cross-polarization to separate those two layers, and then we were able to sample the colors by breaking out diffused color and reflected color. ”

There looks to be a wide range of alterations you can make to your player’s nose, eyes, brows, ears, mouth and other features. If there were not any questions, NBA 2K18 would look better than NBA 2K17. After all, the game has been gradually improving and gradually evolving all year, and are pretty striking. For more information, head to the game’s official website and find out more.

NBA 2K18 Released A New Trailer

The creators have also introduced new methods to bring the game back to the finest details of the professional basketball world.


This year’s 2K basketball series will be back in the fall, in mid-September comes the NBA 2K18. The information has already been doubled, we already know the list of soundtrack, and we have seen pictures of some players. But interestingly, we have not seen the game before. Yesterday, however, the first trailer has arrived, where we can finally see the new game during the move, and Joel Friesch tells them about the developers. According to him, this will be the most beautiful, most complex NBA game ever made. To do this, several new technologies and methods have been deployed so that both players and arenas will most closely resemble reality. The movement and mimicry of the characters as well as the physics of the jerseys were completely reworked. There was not even such a wide selection of picks as this year. Thinking about those who like to make their own players, they will have a more detailed character editor for them.

free download

The video shows that the NBA 2K18 has a truly breathtaking look. There has been no cause for content so far, so you just have to wait for the premier PC on September 15, PlayStation 4 and 3, Xbox One and 360, and Switch. On PS4 and X1 on September 8, The NBA 2K18 Prelude will be released, which will be downloaded for free and the front of the MyCareer game mode.

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