WOW Classic Horde Warlock Race Selection Guide

In WOW Classic, Horde Warlock has only two races, Orc and Undead, so U4gm can match the talents of these two races.

Orc’s racial talents include:
Toughness, Bloodrage, Axe Specialization, and increase pet damage. For Warlock, Axe Specialization and Bloodrage are completely useless talents. Warlock is not suitable for ax weapons. Bloodrage only improves melee attack and does not increase long-range damage. Therefore, bloody violent has no effect on Warlock. It will also reduce the amount of treatment received.

That being the case, then Orc’s racial talent for Warlock is only 5% of Toughness and pets. Toughness has a 25% chance to resist Rogue

The coma, when you are not lucky, this effect may not happen, but often as long as a resistance is produced, you can achieve the effect of changing the battle, and Warlock’s biggest natural enemy is Rogue, and according to the nostalgic settings The actual effect of Iron Grenade is ‘paralysis,’ but the ‘Stun’ mechanism used in calculating resistance further enhances the actual value of Orc’s racial talent. The 5% pet damage bonus is also a useful attribute.

Undead’s racial talents include:
‘Will of the Forsaken,’ ‘Cannibalize,’ ‘Water Breathing’ and ‘Shadow Resist’, for Warlock, ‘Water Breathing’ and ‘Shadow Resist’ doesn’t make much sense, so like Orc, there are two racial talents with income.

Needless to say, ‘Will of the Forsaken’ is Horde’s strongest PVP race talent, Immune Charm/Fear/Polymorph, which has a very good effect when playing against Warrior, Priest, and Warlock, and the talent of ‘Cannibalize’ Recovering total life every 2 seconds is worth 7% for 10 seconds. In the wild, it is also useful for Warlock, which saves potions.

It’s not hard to see from the above that Orc Warlock has an advantage in the face of Rogue. Undead Warlock has an advantage in facing Warrior, Priest, and Warlock. However, Orc’s racial talent not only resists Rogue’s sneak attack and Kidney Shot. It can also resist many ‘coma’ control such as Iron Grenade and Tidal Charm, and Rogue is still more from the current professional ratio of statistics, so from the perspective of PVP, Orc Warlock is stronger than Undead Warlock.

During the WOW Classic period, Warlock can’t summon companions in the dungeon. The collection stone at the Dungeon door can’t, so Warlock still has some demand in the market!

Soulstone+Healthstone+Blood Pact makes Warlock always have a certain position in Raid. However, the professional team will usually arrange for the replacement of Warlock at the Raid gate, which is specifically responsible for summoning companions.

Because everyone is no stranger to WOW Classic, PVP masters are very many, resulting in Warlock’s PVP experience is not good, although 1V1 is really powerful, no one likes Warlock 1V1, so you want to experience Warlock invincible PVP, please choose carefully, experience Not too good.

Professional characteristics:
Create Healthstone, Firestone, Spellstone, Soulstone.

The Warlock can make Healthstone, and HP is used after use, which is sugar. Spellstone and Firestone are deputy items, the former +1 Spell Crit

After use, dispel all magic effects + absorb 900 magic damage. The latter adds fuel damage after being equipped. Soulstone will allow you to resurrect after death.

Attribute requirements:
1 Intellect = 15 Mana
59.5 Intellect = 1 Spell Crit

PVP requires 5 points of Hit to ensure that skills are not MISS

PVE needs about 8 points of Hit in the early stage, and Naxxramas needs 10+ of Hit to ensure that the BOSS skills are not MISSS.

Because the Destruction talent does not have Hit support, and the hatred of Shadow Bolt Critical strikes is too exaggerated, the priority is recommended in the previous period.

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WOW Classic Paladin Equipment From 45 To 50

In the previous article, U4gm introduced how the Paladin 35-class To 45-class better equipment should obtain. Today, we will continue to enter better stuff in the 45-50 stage.

Big Bad Pauldrons
Shoulder Platemail
396 point armor
+12 Power
+12 Stamina
+8 Spirit
Durability 80 / 80
Requires level 45
How to get it: The Chief Ukorz Sandscalp in Zul’Farrak drops, with a drop probability of 30%.

Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Location

Vice Grips
Gloves Platemail
318 point armor
Durability 45 / 45
Requires level 43
<random enchantment>
Equipment: +14 attack power.
How to get it: Antu’sul in Zul’Farrak drops, with a drop probability of 35%.

Antu’sul location

Fist of Stone
Main hand hammer
44 – 83 Damage Speed ​​1.80
(DPS 35.3)
+11 Stamina
+5 Spirit
Durability 90 / 90
Requires level 48
Possible when hit: Restores 50 mana.
How to get it: Landslide in Maraudon drops, with a 25% drop probability.

Landslide location

Atal’alarion’s Tusk Ring
Waist Platemail
302 point armor
+18 Power
+8 Stamina
Durability 45 / 45
Requires level 46
How to get it: Atal’alarion in Sunken Temple drops, with a 40% drop probability.

Atal’alarion location

Gizlock’s Hypertech Buckler
Deputy shield
1835 point armor
32 point block
+10 Intellect
+5 Stamina
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 48
Equipment: Regenerate four mana every 5 sec.
How to get it: Tinkerer Gizlock in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 33.33%.

Tinkerer Gizlock location

Blackstone ring
Finger ring
+6 Stamina
Requires level 49
Equipment: +20 attack power.
Equipment: Increases your chance to hit the target by 1%.
How to get it: Princess Theradras in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 26.04%.

Princess Theradras location

Princess Theradras’ Scepter
126 – 190 damage speed 3.40
(DPS 46.5)
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 49
Possible hits: 160 damage to the target and their armor reduced by 100.
How to get it: Princess Theradras in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 26.04%.

Elemental Rockridge Leggings
Leg Platemail
496 point armor
+18 Stamina
+20 Power
+10 Nature Resistance
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 49
How to get it: Princess Theradras in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 26.04%.

Runed Golem Shackles
Wrist Platemail
244 armor
+14 Power
Durability 45 / 45
Requires level 48
Equip: Increases defense skill by 4.
How to get it: The mobs in Blackrock Depths drop, with a drop probability of 0.02%-0.07%.

It is not difficult to see from the above information that it is easier to obtain some equipment, but it is more difficult to obtain some equipment, but as long as you buy enough WOW Classic PVE Gold, you can easily get good equipment.

About Paladin Equipment: