Old Traditions, New Rules

Are you looking forward to the heralding things of destiny first expansion, for example, Raids, strikes, missions and console-exclusive content, but are not the only things. The Dark Below. Lord Saladin and The Iron Lords will return to Destiny’s PvP mode, the Crucible, for another round of the Iron Banner event on December 16.

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Lord Saladin and The Iron Lords will return to Destiny’s PvP mode

Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague detailed the news – along with plenty of other updates, such as fixes, tweaks and clarifications about how gear will work once The Dark Below is available – as part of the Bungie Weekly Update. DeeJ wrote that while more details about “the experiments happening in the PvP labs” are still incoming, players should know now that participating in the Iron Banner event gives them a chance to earn level 31 gear (the current level cap is 30), and that participants do not need to own The Dark Below to compete.

The Iron Banner event, like much of Destiny’s content, has seen several major changes throughout its lifespan. After high-level players complained about not feeling powerful enough in relation to low-level players, Bungie introduced “Iron Banner 2.0,” which was received better.

Whispers of Iron Banner 3 say it features a major villain who turns out to be a red herring thrown in to distract from the fact that the plot is actually adapted from the “Extremis” storyline. Or are we thinking of some other, iron-related trilogy?

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Destiny The Dark Below’s Big Day !

Bungie has announced that The Dark Below, Destiny’s first expansion — or, “Expansion I” — will be released on December 9th, so, What’s in store for players? come to look:

Destiny The Dark Below 's Big Day !

  • New weapons, armour and gear
  • A new Light Level cap of 32 with 5 additional Bounty slots
  • New story quests and missions revolving around a new character Eris and the Hive
  • A new co-op Strike called The Will of Crota (with a second co-op Strike, The Undying Mind, exclusive to PlayStation gamers for a year)
  • Three new competitive multiplayer arenas: Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron
  • And a new six-player Raid called Crota’s End.

Bungie says the expansion will cost £19.99 standalone or £34.99 for a bundle that includes this expansion plus Expansion II. We’ve included a few of the new screenshots and concept art pieces below.
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The Best Guide to Destiny Power Leveling

There is no doubt that Destiny is the currently most popular, most fun game. Whether it is the screen or the storyline, Bungie team show us the best side of Destiny, of course, and task difficulty of the game are some boring parts. Are you tired of those boring tasks, anxious to level up?If so,here are some best guides to level up quickly:

Trying to make that Vault of Glass raid with your friends this week? Decide you want to try a new class? we have the best tips and tricks to getting your guardian raid ready in a day’s time. Before you embark on this short (but busy) journey you will need to know that a higher level friend, around level 26-27 will need to accompany you. In addition to this, you will want to complete this.

After you have completed the storyline you still have a bit of work to do in order to reach the soft cap of level 20. You will immediately want to go to the Tower, talk to the bounty vendor, and stock up on Queen’s missions, and grab any remaining bounties that look easy to complete, one example is the boss kill bounties in strikes. For time’s sake I skipped the Crucible (Player vs. Player) bounties that the Queen had to offer as I determined that they were to time-consuming and were not worth any potential benefit. Skipping the Crucible bounties you should be able to obtain three Queen’s bounties per day that are not Crucible related, as well as an extra two bounties not related to PvP. These include Killing 3 Fallen Walkers, getting 200 headshots on the fallen and Kill Sekis Prime in the Devil’s Lair, etc.

You will want to hammer out these bounties by running the highest level strikes possible (with your high level friend of course). This will give you vanguard marks, reputation, as well as general experience. Once you finish these bounties run back to the Tower and turn them in, you will start seeing large hikes in your character’s XP bar as the bounties often give around 5,000 XP each (You may need to wait a day between bounties so that you can obtain new Queen’s bounties, they can be picked up once per day). Continue doing this with the bounties and strike missions until viola! You have hit level 20.

Now that you’re level 20, what do you do next? Remember those Queen’s bounties that we completed earlier? Well you will need to run the highest level Vanguard strikes and obtain some blue gear with +light rating on them, just enough to hit level 21. Next is where the fast part comes, when a player completes a Queen’s bounty, she gives a “free ticket” to run a Queen’s mission. So once you unlock them at level 21, you and your friend will head into the Queen’s mission, complete it and this will give you a legendary piece at the end. Sometimes these items are legendary ships or weapons, but almost always it will either be a headpiece or a chest piece. Run the Queen’s missions 2-4 times and you should have two pieces of legendary gear, combine these with higher level rare gauntlets and boots and there you have it, level 24 in your pocket.

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