Dungeon Running in The Secret WorldDungeon Running in The Secret World


MMORPG.com’s own Carolyn Koh was at the recent EA Summer Showcase out on the Left Coast, and during her time there she was treated to the first ever reveal of a dungeon in Funcom’s The Secret World.  Find out what Carolyn thought of the hotly anticipated game’s combat, classless system, and more.

The graphics are impressive, not only on the grand scale but on the intimate, personal scale as they made good use of the 3-D space. Unlike the gigantic architecture and towering landscapes of many fantasy games out there, Solomon Island seemed real, with levels that player characters could jump to or climb easily and foot bridges that weren’t scaled for tanks to trundle down side by side.
The game requires players to pay attention and learn. Situational analysis is required and in between encounters, players will be able to change out their skills. The earth is being invaded and Gaia is pushing back. Players will find anima wells at some point in a dungeon where they can change their skill sets, changing the seven active and seven passive skills that they brought into the encounter. 

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