POE 3.9 Most Popular Molten Shell Juggernaut Build – Budget Friendly Guide

POE 3.9 Molten Shell Juggernaut Build

This is my first build for Molten Shell Juggernaut Build-in POE 3.9, and this build is very fast and fun I think. I reached level 93 in the incursion league and melting endgame content atm. The build can reach about 1,5 – 2,5m Shaper dps and is still pretty tanky because of the Juggernaut Ascendancy and other defense mechanics we can reach high physical damage reduction. The build also freezes nearly everything because of heavy hits with cold damage.

+ Tanky
+ High dps
+ Melts bosses
+ Fast movement speed
+ budget & beginner-friendly
+ Easy and fun playstyle
+ Immune to stun, freeze, chill, temporal chains,…
– elemental reflection map mode can’t be done
– clear speed is fast but could be faster

Unflinching -> Unyielding -> Unrelenting -> Undeniable

Kill them all for two points.

Major God – Soul of Solaris
Minor God – Soul of Tukohama


Weapon: Vaal Ground Slam – Fortify – Ruthless – Ruthless – Close Combat – Multistrike
Helm: Flesh and Stone – Pride – Vengeance – Blood, and Sand
Armour: Leap Slam – Blood Magic – Faster Attacks – Vaal Ancestral Warchief – Multiple Totems – Culling Strike Support
Glove: Cast when Damage Taken – Molten Shell – Precision – Blood Rage

POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/ANLyAc9Z




What Are Utility And Buffs In PoE Railway Bow

When I was a novice gamer in Path of Exile, I was curious about everything about this game. I often worry about not finding the right guide. The following guide is about Utility And Buffs in Path of Exile, I hope it will be helpful to you. And bear in mind that having enough path of exile items is always important for a player.

Path of Exile

1. Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) + Blood Rage (level 7) + Enfeeble (level 5)

Blood Rage is extremely good buff which increases your attack speed, life leech, and grants chance to gain frenzy charge on a kill. As a downside it degenerates 4% of your life while active, thankfully this is mitigated by the amount and speed of life leech this build has. The duration of Blood Rage is refreshed whenever you kill something.

Enfeeble is a defensive Curse which decreases enemies Accuracy, Crit chance, and Crit multi. Cast When Damage Taken casts both Blood Rage and Enfeeble whenever our character receives enough damage. The best tactic is to keep CWDT at level 1, this way it’ll proc on basically every hit, cursing enemies and buffing us.

2. Lightning Golem
Selfcast, distract some enemies and grants increased attack speed for his master.

3. Decoy totem
This is one of the best things in the game! Decoy totem will taunt enemies, best use on bosses. Place it by the wall, boss will attack the totem while you can nail him to the wall Beware: Shaper is immune to taunt.

4. Hatred
Hatred is straight damage boost. Adds 36% of the Physical damage as Cold damage.

5. Herald of ice + Curse on hit + Assassin mark
Herald of Ice adds flat Cold damage to attacks and if you kill a Frozen enemy it will shatter and deal massive Cold damage to surrounding mobs. This shattering mechanic works wonders with Curse on Hit + Assassin mark cursing mobs around. Assassin mark grants extra Crit chance + grants Power charge on kill. This mechanic works only on packs of monsters. Bosses will be cursed only with Enfeeble.

6. Arctic Armor if you are wearing Perfect Form chest
One of the best defensive auras. Grants 8-13% Fire and Physical mitigation while stationary (when attack with Barrage for example). Drops chilling ground while moving which reduces monsters acting speed by 30%. And also chill monsters after they hit you.

7. Blink arrow + Faster attacks
Very nice movement skill, you can teleport yourself whenever you like if there are open space and no obstacles on your way. With Faster attacks, you’ll teleport in shorter time.