Rising Worth Playing Now That It’s F2P?

High-Quality. Low Prices. First-class Service
Dear customers, thank you for your support of our company.
Here, there’s good news to tell you: The company recently
launched a number of new fashion items! ! Fashionable
and welcome everyone to come buy.
As I feared… a lot of new things coming out are mostly only for Elites or Cash Shop.

Such as Pet systems, new mounts (all will be Elite/Cash Shop, there will be no PvE obtain mounts)
All costumes will be Cash Shop as they have stated before F2P launch on their website.

Enchanting system, the success rate have actually changed (or felt like it, and experienced by others), the rate is lower and harder to enchant to a higher + bonus. (because I see way less +12 enchants than before, it’s either because they lower the rate or it’s become way harder to obtain Alkhasts)
Especially the fact that they removed Masterwork from Specialty Stores and can now only be obtain from Drops (and as the Publishers said… in future Cash Shop)

However, if you have lots of money to spend or doesn’t give a damn about Cash Shop.
Than TERA will be one of the most fun game you’ve play (at least until future better games come out)
if for business -> f2p is ur best choice to lead a way to earn fast money :3
If for gameplay -> I rather suggest to tera gm or admin prefer stays as p2p../cause f2p will cause lots of booters/hackers come to rot at here spoiled the game :3
It’s fun when you’re leveling but end game is still lacking and now the game is leaning more towards a cash shop heavy mmo 

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