2K23 Earning Guide for Different Levels of CLAMP BREAKER

The Clamp Breaker badge is a tactical badge in NBA 2K23 that helps players win more one-on-one physical collisions while combining with Handles for Days, Hyperdrive, and Slithery for best results. Today’s content is mainly to test which level of Clamp Breaker can get the best effect with a small investment.

How to activate Clamp Breaker
If you want to activate Clamp Breaker, you need the attribute of the Ball Handle to meet the characteristic conditions. Different values of the Ball Handle correspond to different badge levels. For details, please refer to the table below.

Ball Handle0 – 64778796

If you want to get Tier 3, don’t let your height exceed 6’9.

Different levels of Clamp Breaker income test

As you can see from the results of the tests above, Clamp Breaker gets the most boost at the Gold level, Bronze and Silver will still make a difference, but the significant boost will only be seen on Gold if you upgrade it to HoF, it will still give a small boost, but it’s not worth your investment.

Upgrading the Ball Handle attribute requires points. If your points are not enough, you can get them through challenge upgrades, and you will get some cheap 2K23 MT and point rewards.

How to use the silver grade correctly
Downgrade the Clamp Breaker to the Silver tier if you want to use some points elsewhere. Silver works well if you’re a post scorer using post spins. When you’re 6’9 and have a Clamp Breaker silver rating, you’re completely in control of a guy at a game in the park, which sounds more like a bully badge.

If you are very good at dribbling, you can rely on your skillful dribbling to beat defenders in the game, and you don’t need to use this badge.

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